I look down at my boots and wait for the humiliation that is sure to come when someone is forced to choose me in their team as the last option.

“I’ll take Rach,” says Fred.

And with that decision he changes the whole shape of my military career and everything I think about myself.

During chopper flights into unsecured airfields, on the receiving end of a face-ripping, through the hijinks of field life and into the moments before setting off on patrol in Afghanistan, Rach Ranton explores the actions and behaviours of those who led her through the most volatile and unpredictable of situations.

Their words and actions echoing through her life, Rach tells the stories of those leaders who lifted her up, encouraged her to be her best and helped her find the purpose in her work.

Leaders who were not fearless but who did not shy from facing their fears. Who were authentically themselves, openly sharing their failures and weaknesses. Who were bold, took risks and who were forced to make critical decisions in extreme circumstances. Those who succeed on the battlefield, in the boardroom and in business.

Dauntless leaders.

Dauntless. Leadership lessons from the frontline. Photo of book cover by Rach Ranton



Leadership lessons from the frontline.

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Leadership lessons from the frontline.

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From the inside cover

Rach Ranton spent a decade in the Australian Army including deployments to East Timor and Afghanistan. Serving as an Electronic Warfare Operator, she conducted intercept and analysis of enemy communications whilst embedded with frontline troops, providing advice to commanders on the battlefield. 

Rach took what she learned in the military about leadership, teams, culture and courage and applied it to her post-military career, leading broad and varied teams across corporate Australia in service, sales, inclusion and organisational development. She is now a sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator working internationally with governments, large corporates and businesses to help them consider leadership, inclusion, change and organisational culture through the lens of the leadership lessons she learned in the military.

Rach is a TED speaker and award-winning leader, receiving a commendation for the role she played in Afghanistan and in 2018 being named ‘Prime Minister’s Veteran Employee of the Year’ at the Prime Minister’s Veteran Employment Awards and Professional Alumnus of the Year at her Alma Mater the University of Southern Queensland for her veteran’s advocacy work.

Along with her partner, their son and their ‘mates who are family’, Rach loves wakeboarding, fishing, the beach and camping adventures across the wild and remote parts of Australia.